Natsuko (kyoumei) wrote in jkc_awards,

Yay, more people

I'm glad more people have joined. I'm going to work on promoting the community, more. If anyone would like to help as a mod, banner maker, anything, just let me know. As soon as we have a few more members, I'll post a theme.

To everyone that's joined so far: ありがとうございました
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Can I help as banner maker? :)
Of course. ^_^
Hi, I'm the mod for gackt_hush and gxh_challenge. Would you care to affiliate?

Also, if later on you need another banner maker, I'd be willing to help out if you wanted.
Sure, I'll add them to the list. Would you like to affiliate with my other icontests japan_icontest and jrock_awards?

Thanks! Any help is definitely appreciated.
Sure. I'll add all three to the list. ^__^

Any help you need, just let me know.